Bronson Cave in progress...

What is Bronson Caves? It's kind of a Vasquez Rocks in the heart of Hollywood. I'll post a Bronson Caves filmography another time, but believe me, you've seen it more times than you can imagine. The short list includes, the Batman T.V. series, the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Teenagers from Outer Space, The Searchers, Star Trek, C.S.I., King Dinosaur, The Cyclops, it goes on and on.


Located at the end of Bronson Ave. in Hollywood California, it is what's left of an old rock quarry. The largest cave mouth opens into a small canyon that can and has doubled for countless earthly and alien locations.

I'm doing this piece because, to me, it is the logical 'bookend' to a tribute started with my Vasquez Rocks piece. I hope to have this ready to put in the Mysterious Eye store soon. Keep checking back.

Yancy CalzadaComment