What about Roswell?


Most of us have heard of Roswell New Mexico and the alleged UFO crash in 1947. Lot's of conspiracy stuff with government cover-ups and hidden alien bodies. The elements of pulp-worthy conspiratorial scenarios piled up for years feeding writers looking for enticing plots with which to ply their trade.

Skip ahead ahead 50 years or so to a series of 'young adult' novels by Melinda Metz under the heading of "Roswell High". In its own way a precursor to the "Twilight" novels, as in a mash-up of high school romances set against a backdrop of supernatural intrusion into the otherwise mundane world of secondary education. 

What we find in "Roswell" is a group of teen aliens living in the town of Roswell and attending Roswell High. They are survivors of the infamous UFO crash and have been adopted and raised 'secretly' as humans. Of course they befriend and even fall in love with the humans they live among, but they soon run into trouble. Their true identities are in danger of being exposed and they must fend off inquiries and intrigues. 

What does any of this have to do with Vasquez Rocks? Well the old park and it's familiar features are frequently used as a stand in for Roswell NM. Placing the series in good company with so many Los Angeles based productions like Star Trek, Bonanza et al. And like Star Trek, Roswell has a substantial and devoted fan base. 

There has been a sustained effort under foot to compel Hollywood to re-invigorate the series by reuniting past characters in a new spin off (well maybe not a spin off exactly?), series known, at this time, as "Baron and Toluca". 

A fun place to learn about everything "B+T" is Crashdown.com. Not only are they behind an extensive campaign to make "B+T" happen, with a smart Twitter barrage to Netflix, but they are also encouraging like minded folks get active by offering them incentives. Like a prize for the most creative Tweet to Netflix execs. And what would one of those prizes be? A Vasquez Rocks Mini of course. 

I wish them luck on their campaign and I hope to see more Roswell and B+T fans wondering about the sandstone piles of 'faux' Roswell New Mexico.