Why Sculpt Vasquez Rocks?

Yancy Calzada is the artistic mind behind the Vasquez Rocks Sculpture. A talented artist and movie fan, Yancy has been passing the Vasquez Rocks National park for years on his commute in the heart of California's Hollywood. But passing the rocks every day wasn't what made him want to finally sculpt the popular formation. 

We decided to interview Yancy to find out exactly why he decided to make this simple, yet sexy, little piece of nostalgia.

"My introduction to Vasquez Rocks came when I was 12 years old. I was a Boy Scout and our troop participated in a scout Jamboree held there. I knew nothing of it's real history, or of it's TV and film history. Later, as I developed more of an interest in Sci Fi films and shows like Star Trek, I began to identify it as it showed up again and again. I saw Planet of Dinosaurs in the late '70s and loved the fact that almost the entire film was shot there. 

Later I moved up to the Antelope Valley which gave me an opportunity to drive by Vasquez Rocks every day. I could stop and hike whenever I wanted to and take pictures, and so on. It was on one of those hikes that the thought of making a sculpted piece came to me. 

I'm a self taught sculptor. I started sculpting when I was in high school. I wanted to be like Ray Harryhausen, who was one of my heroes. With my head always full of monsters,  and special effects I spent many hours trying to learn the craft of sculpting and mold making. Eventually I landed a job with Doug Beswick, (who incidentally was the animator on Planet of Dinosaurs). Working with him introduced me to many of the techniques I would use later to sculpt and mold my own projects.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with variations of this Vasquez Rocks sculpture. My hope is that other fans of either the park or the films and shows that have been shot there, will be able to re-visit the famous peak in their imaginations. I tried to capture as much of the feel of the place as I could within the confines of the space and size limits I set to make it reasonable to produce." - Yancy Calzada

Yancy is currently still working in film and hopes to make many more sculptures like this one. Sculptures of things and places that will take people back to a certain time, a certain place, or even a movie or TV show they grew up watching. 


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