Randolph Scott at the 'Rock'

Randolph Scott (b. 1898 d. 1987), was a popular American actor; versital, witty, charming, and rugged enough to portray the atypical cowboy in dozens of westerns. I actually liked him in "Captain Kidd" (co-starring Charles Laughton as the titular pirate/buccaneer). But it is as a 'cowboy' that Scott is probably best remembered. In "The Gunfighters", 1947, Scott's character is almost lynched in front of the big peak at Vasquez Rocks. Interestingly, the entire sequence was shot on location in Arizona, and then jumps to Vasquez Rocks just for the lynching scenes. Seems like more than a few 'planted' trees populate the usually barren area, but the prominent peak is unmistakable. Scott gets away and the action resumes back in Arizona's beautiful locations.

The film has a neat, stylish mood, that's kind of fun and off-beat compared to a lot of westerns made at the time. I especially like the opening credits, that introduce characters and set up the story while shot looking into a saloon window and moving into an outdoor gunfight in one long shot.


Yancy CalzadaComment