Who is Tiburcio Vasquez?

Tiburcio Vasquez by Yancy Calzada

Tiburcio Vasquez by Yancy Calzada

Tiburcio Vasquez is probably not a familiar name to most of us. He is the man after whom the famous 'Vasquez Rocks' received their name. Before going any further I must recommend the excellent article by Will H. Thrall about Tibucio Vasquez written for the Historical Society of Southern California's quarterly magazine back in 1948.  You can find it here;


Click on the photo in the article for more details about his time in jail etc. It seems he became quite a celebrity, with people coming for his autograph or to have their pictures taken with him. He apparently was very obliging. Perhaps he was, as the article maintains, a likable gentleman. I'm not so sure about his claim to having never killed anyone. That claim is true for many a villain who, never the less, master minded the crimes resulting in murder. 

I'm no historian, but I get the idea that he was a kind of 'Robin Hood' to those whom he felt some kinship. I'm not a writer either, (obviously), but I think this story would make a pretty good movie. Vasquez Rocks would be a great location and, ironically, would be 'playing' itself for the first time. Let's hope it happens.

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